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Tank Bags for R1150RT best aftermarket/mounting opinions, etc


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Hello, this is my first bike, and I will be taking my first real long trip, so convienance at refueling, stopping, etc is a concern. I am looking for any aftermarket tank bag suggestions, preferably cheaper than BMW, but still hold a decent amount. I am also looking for one that attaches to the tank securely and safely. Any suggestions? Local bike store has only magnetic ones, and BMW wants $$$ for theirs... Thanks! grin.gif

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Big Mak is the way to go. It's the best for long trips. It comes off so easy when you're away from the bike and flips up for refueling.

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Well someone has to give another option. I bought a Marsee. I do not ride with a tankbag other than on long trips, so some people that like thier tankbag on more often than me would probably have better advice. The Marsee is a magnetic mount. There is an adapter you put on the fuel filler, (I leave mine on all of the time) and the tankbag has metal in the base so the magnetic base on the bike holds it in place. You can also put a strap to hold it in case the magnets are not strong enough for high speeds, but I can tell you that up to 120 mph there is no problem. (tested up to speed on the track only cool.gif) They have 2 options that I know of, and I got the smaller of the 2. The larger ones have little pockets on both sides, and you will be hitting your horn everytime you turn around in a parking lot, I really like mine, here is a link:


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I've been using a Revpak Jr.for about five years. It has held up great. It's soft, but holds it's shape. I find it's good (comfortable) place to lean by forearm on long rides when I want to lean slightly forward (got a bum back). Rain cover fits well and stores well.

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I also use the Big Mak thumbsup.gif


I like the feature to stack several bags on top of each other to provide extra storage on long touring trips while being able to use just my slim line space case for my daily commute.


The flip forward option makes easy refueling too.


I did add a Kissan Signal minder to my bike after using combined Big Mak bags as the idiot lights are out of sight with all bags stacked and the Kissan makes sure my indicators auto cancel if I forget.

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