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UN V Moments I


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I can't think of anything to add....


Thanks for letting me be your wingman......


and one pic you didn't have.....


Chief Foerster


see ya'll in Torrey



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Limecreek, Very nicely stated, great photos too. Wish I could've been there, as I'm sure many others do also.

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Riding CO-141 from Naturita to Gateway, and then beyond, with you three was indeed, a ride I'll remember for the rest of my life. Sincerely, it was so memorable. And, our lunch conversation in that beautiful place, it's relaxed and accepting nature warms me still. Looking back, it seems now just like it felt them - So Natural; That's what we should always be doing.


It will be too long until next we meet, Greg.

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Hey Greg (Southern speak for hello my friend)....


Thanks for sharing those with us. I have ridden with you enough and shared enough beers with you for those to not just be pictures, but a way of being there. I really felt like I was there for a bit. Thanks... smile.gif



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They look like they want to kick my A$$, don't they?



Looks like a rogues gallery to me! grin.gif I can't believe you fell for that "7/10" bit. wink.gif

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OK, I'm a little slow and late with this, and I don't have any nice pix like Greg, but:


I'll remember a relaxing ride with Ron to Black Canyon south side.


Standing in line for dinner, and Tommy Roe steps out of the shadows to say Hello. thumbsup.gif


Just, in general, a great time! clap.gif

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