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R1100RT VS R1150RT


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I think it was in a different section. Regardless, the very biggest difference is probably the brakes. The 1150's brakes are fully linked. Foot brake peddle activates both front and rear and hand brake handle does too. Early models (first 1150 model came out as the '02) were reported to be very grabby. These brakes are also power-assisted. So you often get more braking than you may need or want. Lots and lots of practice is recommended (always with a new bike) but just to learn and develop new habits with the brakes. The brakes on the 1100 are what you're probably used to: front for front, back for back and no power assist. But both bikes have in common, ABS... something I'll never buy a bike without again. ABS on a motorcycle is a marvelous concept than has saved my bacon on more than a few occasions!


Other differences are better lighting on the 1150, which most think improves it's appearance a bit. 1100 had a five speed tranny with 5 very usable and appropriately spaced gears. 1150 has a 6 speed tranny with 5 very usable and appropriately spaced gears. 6th is very tall and will require a downshift every time you fart.


1150 has a slightly shorter wheelbase and is reported to handle a little better. It also has an additionally 5 HP, which is needed when you fart and have to downshift into 5th.


There were other minor differences though I like the switchgear on the 1150 much better than the 1100. The headlight elevation adjuster on the 1150 was moved to a place where you can actually use it. You can even find the button to turn on the heated grips on a dark road at night. You actually honk at people you wish to awaken VS hitting them with a seriously intended left turn signal.


Both are awesome machines. I'd have no problems recommending either one. Other less (and some more) opinionated responses will probably follow.

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