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Brake! LED replacement stop lamp for R1200ST


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I had one of these on my F650CS (same model as the R1100S). It kicked serious a$$.


Coming from that experience I expected a little more for the R1200ST version.


The factory lamp housing doesn't leave very much room for anything like the CS had (about 20 or so bright LEDs). The ST model only has 3 LEDs. Two are red and one is white. The white shows red through the factory lens and also cast some white light down onto the license plate. This is where I'm disappointed the most. The plate is hardly illuminated at all.


The brake function is pretty bright and the pulsing pattern the first second or two is very attention getting.


I think I'm gonna look at getting one of those illuminated plexiglass type plate covers to solve this.

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So it has finally come out! Where did you get it form? How much? Any CANBUS issues? Pictures? thumbsup.gif

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I ordered it from Seirra BMW about two months ago. Price was $120. No CANbus issues. Like my old one for the CS it uses a resister to simulate the load of a traditional bulb.


It's nicely built. Sorry no photos. I knew I should have taken some too. It's basicly an anadized aluminum bulb base with a circuit board on both sides.


One side has three spade connectors, a pair of DIP switches (for setting the flashing duration), and an accessory port (no accessories out yet).


The other PC board (rear facing) has the three surface mount LEDs. The third white LED has a unique lense on it to try to shoot some light to the sides for the plate.

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