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Seat repairs


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Hi, I have a small cut in the covering of my seat on my 1150RT. Its in an area which is covered by the tank but I'm worried water will ingress into the seat at some point. The cut is about 1" long.


Any suggestions on a quick (and cheap if possible) way to seal it and stop it getting any bigger would be really appreciated.

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Halfords sell various repair kits, I am fairly sure one of them was for vinyl repairs. If not you can get a glue called vinylweld.



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I had a custom seat with a slight tear (about 1.5" along the pan) in an area that sounds about like you describe. I used Mystic Tape (at least that is what it was called over here). You could barely see the repair as the black tape held its adhesion to the surrounding seat material, and the tear did not extend for the 4 yrs or so I kept the bike. Hot sun, rain, washing the bike, about 25K mi of riding etc had no affect on the tear. Low tech and cheap possibility. Good Luck!

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