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Neck pain?


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Right after I got the GT, I bought a Big Mak tank bag. For two seasons, I thought the pain in my neck and shoulders were on the account of getting used to the MYRP.


Not..... After 7 days on the bike for my Northeastern trip, the pain was unbearable. When we got home I did not even want to be on the bike for two days or so!


Last night Lynn and I were getting ready for a ride and then dinner, .While she was getting ready, I pulled the plate for the bag, and boy, the GT looks good without a bag!


When we went to ride, it was like a new bike! For two hours, and not even a hint of pain! My back was straight, shoulders square, an I was not "reaching for the bars. I sorta thought that reaching around the tank bag, rounded my shoulders, hince caused the pain.


The bike felt 100 pounds lighter!!


Or is it just my 'magination?

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