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5.11 Tactical Boots


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I like these new boots I got: http://www.511tactical.com/index.asp?dlrID=511&dept=1&number=12004

Waterproof (tested with a hose), ANSI Z-41 rated safety toe (whatever that means), hidden side pocket (not sure what to put in there), VERY comfortable - I wear them all day long riding or at work or walking around. I like the easy on/off zipper with the fit of laces. I tuck the laces in at the top and they stay put since it has a zipper to get them on and off. The sole has excellent grip. Protection not as good as many, but good enough for my touring and commuting needs. And did I say comfortable?


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I've promoted this type of boot before and many folks will dissagree with you on these boots for several reasons; ankle protection,laces, whatever.....They offer much more protection than what I see some folks riding with.


Don't get me wrong, when it comes to protection, I'm a big advocate of proper riding gear. And I have tested many a gloves, boots, back protectors, leathers and helmets during my racing/testing past life. And without any of that stuff, I may well not be here today to speak about it.


I have a closet full of street/track riding boots from past styles to present. I can't bring myself to toss out some of my racing boots (although trashed) for the memories.

Such as, my old Style Martin gloves and boots with the rivets on the outside of the ankle and rivets in the palm. Oh yea...what a concept.... dopeslap.gifI still have the scars from hot rivets while sliding down the track over a buck and change. I can't believe some manufactures are still using rivets....that's like having a phone with a cord on it. eek.gif


Myself on the other hand couldn't agree more, that they are in fact a very good commuting boot. They're a well ventilated boot that is far superior to any vented motorcycle boot I've seen to date. I also use them during the day in my work environment which keeps me on my feet alot. I use them during the hot summer months and the ventilation is more than adaquate.


I haven't used the 5.11 boot but if it's made as well as their clothing, I'm sure it's first cabin quality. I use Swat or Thorough-Good brand boots and can see a pair of 5.11's in my future. thumbsup.gif

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If you don't need waterproof, but rather webbed for air circulation, and side zip, try Big Five. $29.95. sometimes on sale for $24.95. I think they are called "Response Boots". They come both with and without the side zip. I've been wearing a pair for over two years. I can walk around in them all day. I even wear them all day on "relaxed" Fridays at woick. Brought to you by the CBOA. (Cheap Buggers of America)

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