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My Continuing Adventure with the Oregon Coast.


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I picked up today's ride where I left off last week, in Tillamook, OR. I headed south on 101 to Newport being careful to stop often with photos in mind. I managed to cover 270 miles on this loop as I headed inland from Newport on hwy 20 to Albany before returning home by way of Interstate 5. Yes, I know there were a hundred better ways to get home but I was anxious to return and my trip today was mainly about the coast.





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Nice stuff! I am curious, what is the story with the air museum?


Thanks for letting us on what surely appears to be some beautiful country! thumbsup.gif

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There were two hangers,one burned down years ago.

They were originally WW II era blimp hangers.


Had been used for a variety of things over the years,as I remember the one that burned was storing hay or something similar. The air musem is fairly recent,in the past 5 years or so,maybe longer. It's been a few years since I was last in the area.


Here is the website:






Oregon born!

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Nice stuff! I am curious, what is the story with the air museum?

The back story of the museum from what I was told when I was up there a few years ago is: The museum is a privately owned collection of airplanes that was started by a very wealthly businessman that made his fortune logging the area with helicopters. From what I was told, he was one of the first to use the helicopter like this in the logging industry.

I think he's also the same guy that bought the Spruce Goose and had it moved from Long Beach, Ca. to Oregon. It's not at the same location as the museum your seeing in this thread. It's inland by itself in northern Oregon.

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