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Gas line quick connects broken


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Pulled into garage and saw what I thought was steam from right side.

Turned out to be gas spray. eek.gif

Removal of fairing panels revealed broken quick connection.

Disassembly ensued.

Went to handy travel stash where I keep parts for roadside repairs ( Be Prepared wave.gif) and found out I had gotten two female parts instead of one male and one female. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

Instead of replacing w/OEM I'm ordering some metal ones to prevent this from happening again. (At least this time it was at home and not on the road to Timbuktu.)

Will post an update/impression when I receive them and do the R&R.

Probably a good thing to carry w/you as this is a first time for me, but certainly not the first time to hear about it happening. crazy.gif

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The metal units are great, make sure you get the Viton O-rings.

Having spares is good. My emergency stash is a couple of barbed brass hose connectors, available from most hardware stores in the plumbing section, and some fuel injection hose clamps from my dealer.

How did you manage to have that happen at home?!?!

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I'm told ( today by tech) an in-line fuel filter will work as a connector if they break.


Just lucky it happened at home. But ironically, I'd been inquiring about the metal connectorss. I think the bike overheard me. grin.gif

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Where do you get the metal type disconnects confused.gif


I think McMaster Carr sells various size metal ones. Orem Bros. in Northridge, (818) 885-1414 can get some really nice ones for ya that they sell to the HP car guys.

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