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I'm in Whitehorse!


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I'm riding my Alaska adventure.


Three long days to get up here. Very scenic. Came up the Alaska Highway, light traffic, almost no trucks, many campers and motorhomes, many bikes of all kinds. Never saw so many BMW's, but many Harleys too, and KLR 650's are not uncommon. Everybody loaded like it's moving day.


Weather has been good, camped at Laird Hot Springs and had a relaxing soak in the stinky pools.


The camera doens't seem adequate to capture the wide open spaces and the amazing vistas. Every shot seems to need a panoramic lens.


Road quality is good so far. Lots of wildlife, have seen many bears, too many deer to count, and sheep and mountain goats, the last two seem to like staying on the road. There is an occasional moose or buffalo to keep your attention.


I'm currently at my brothers in Whitehorse, and we are doing a day trip to Skagway. Tomorrow I am off to Anchorage.


It doesn't get dark here. Last night at midnight you could drive around without headlights. It throws your internal clock off, kinda weird.


This is big country, and in spite of the northern latitude, and all the winter conditions, I can see why so many are attracted to the area.


Bike sure is dirty, lots of bugs up here. I'll worry about that later.


Off to the Artic Circle....

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Awesome Don, I really envy you !!! Keep us posted please and ride safely !!



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Your trip brings back sweet memories of my Alaska trip of several years ago...In Whitehorse, I got a terrible toothache and had to find an emergency dentist! Once that glitch was taken care of, the rest of the trip was incredible.


Skagway is cool. Especially when the passengers of the cruise ships get back on board. The town becomes ghost-like, as the shop owners come outside and visit....


Have fun and keep us posted.


Steve in So Cal

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Awesome, that sounds wonderful.


I just found out I may be flying into Fairbanks in mid July to pick up a bike and ride it back to the lower 48....details are still being worked out....how would a goldwing do on the Alaskan roads?

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