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Let's Get Ready To Rumble....


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Jake, you're right on time. The Un is only 67 days away. It's time to make some noise. El Jefe (David) is scheduling some time to do some road scouting in the next few weeks and I can't wait. Of course he will have to give me a map of where he is going, bacause I won't be trying to keep up, no,no,no. blush.gif


What's the plan for reintroducing folks to the Un2 event. We've got a bunch of new folks and some seasoned folks who may not have this front and center in their planning.


Awaiting your marching orders. Well let's not get carried away. grin.gif

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Maybe it would be cool to excerpt a few pix and ride tales and post a thread in the UnRally forum, with a "sticky" link in the main forum, so that people will get excited.


I think it's time to start getting a registration count soon, too.


Four of us are scouting rides at the end of August, and we'll have that ready about a week later.


I'm finally starting to get excited!

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Maybe it would be cool to excerpt a few pix and ride tales and post a thread in the UnRally forum, with a "sticky" link in the main forum, so that people will get excited.



I think it's time to start getting a registration count soon, too.


Four of us are scouting rides at the end of August, and we'll have that ready about a week later.


I'm finally starting to get excited!


God will'n and if'n duh creek don't rise, I'm going out in them thar hills to play on Saturday 8/9. I'll try my hand at picture making. You know I'm no techno whiz so I'll hollar at Jake and see if'n he can help me get duh pictures up somewher on this her site. grin.gifcool.gif


So far this has been a mighty quite rumble. Maybe Loud pipes draw attention to UN2. ooo.gif


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Slumbering giants, I say. Might take a couple of cattle prods (or a screamin meanie) to wake everyone up. The # views is giving them away tho! smirk.gif


Send me any and or all pics that will be eligible for the website that Brant-man and I are all over. Send 'em to Madcapcrew@comcast.net so I can insert Gleno's face before using them on the UnSite. Take a lot of them. Kill bandwidth!


I say again, who's with...us?!!!!! (with visions of John Belushi's "When the going get's tough" speech...)

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"I say again, who's with...us?!!!!! (with visions of John Belushi's "When the going get's tough" speech...)"


I feel you, bruh. wink.gif I'll see if I can snap a pic or two. grin.gif




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Gentlemen blush.gif


AS I mentioned, I won't be able to make the Un2, and since there was a decision again T-Shirts, I'm outta responsibilities. Sooooo, if you need help w/ anything I can do from here, please just let me know.


Send pictures frown.gif

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Voodude -


We're gonna miss you in ES, but you have a much more wonderful journey to get busy with!


DB confirmed that we'll use the UnRally to roll out the new Tees for the Board - just not event specific. Hey, if anyone knows a good sticker/pin/hat maker......

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Altered states here. Might have to miss ES and spend more time in NY with family. Not sure. Playing it by ear.


I'm everywhere in spirit.

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Altered states here. Might have to miss ES and spend more time in NY with family. Not sure. Playing it by ear.


I'm everywhere in spirit.

Is all well in your world? You've been missed. I hope you can come to the Un, but I understand family comes first. take care and I'll ride the pig trail for you. wink.gif

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Thanks honey Murray smile.gif


Dad is just in and out of hospital lately. All is well now, he's back OUT today!


So, I had a good day, except I forgot to pack my skirt and had to wear my First Gear Overpants all day. grin.gif


Life is fine. I miss you all. Yeah, I'm off topic again.


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Time to kick up the stands and press the starter button on this thing. Call it Reveille2 for the Un2.


Who's with me?


Uh, whadaya need? And when is it? I've forgotten. Where? How do I get there? In October? Isn't that winter somewhere between Seattle and God's own home of the dumb and inbred? Should I ride my Harley, or the R1100RT? Can I stop along the way? Do I have to bring Doc?


Jeez! Decisions! I hate decisions - I'm s'posed to be retired.



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Well don't pull your cane out yet. BTW, I'm sure David would be very pleased if you took that Pokey Hawg. I think you tired him out last time. smirk.gif


Say all - kick the tires on the UnWebsite will ya? I was tired when I wrote the text for it, and Brant was obviously awake when he fixed what I wrote! No back slappin' - be critical and give suggestions as to what it needs. Pics on their way, and the registration will be changed.



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The html links need an "empty target." Brant will know what I mean.


Could we commission someone to gather some testimonials from the Gunny Ride Tales, and scatter them throughout, at least one on each page? I think that would be an effective way to build excitement.


Ditto for pictures people took at the last one. Maybe even the group picture Brant took last year.




I originally envisioned suggesting some fun roads from different directions of the compass.


Let's put a lat/long for the campground.




You might want a link to the nearest commercial airports. I know some people are going to fly in.


It seems like the schedule should be moved from the bottom of Arrive to the top of Do.




I suspect Fernando will want to be listed as MotoEquip





You sure we want to ship them there? I like the idea UnVeiling at the UnRally (nice with words, aren't I?), but it'll mean shipping them there...and dealing with people who don't show up, meaning we'll have to ship them somewhere else. I'm okay with anything, but just pointing out the hassle.


Another option is to unveil them there (just a few to give out to luminaries) and have order forms. Take orders, send orders to Jamie/Leslie, and let them ship them at that point.


Looking good, guys!

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I scanned the archives, and could only find pre-Gunny posts. So we put a hold on "Remember".



Agreed - you or Emmerson name 'em, and we'll get 'em in there!






Yep - got that too!



We're gonna delete that - I had already axed Brant per our previous e-chat on that.


Keep the idea's comin' cool.gif

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Brant Herbert
The html links need an "empty target." Brant will know what I mean.


You mean the off-site links should open in a new window? That what you mean?


David, re: the menubar from your original prototype -- that's gone for the time being, till I can figure out how to do a frameset in the PHP dynamic template-driven approach I have here (not easy at the moment). Not that there's much to the template at this time (just the banner image and the text menubar) -- the pages are driven from one style page -- but there might/will be soon. Quote one geek in a book I once read: "I'd rather write programs that write programs than write programs."


I'll get the latest updates from Jake integrated asap.

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Yeeha! Stephen

I scanned the archives, and could only find pre-Gunny posts.

Keep the idea's comin' cool.gif



How about some of these?


"Under cover of quiet engines and skilled riding, 179 members of the BMWRT On-Line, On-Road Community held its first annual national Un-Rally in Gunnison..." - Gunnison Times


"Gunnison Police Chief Jim Keehne said he was receiving "a much better reception than I got yesterday with another group of riders."


"People have met friends, lovers."- Cary Little


"I'm glad we could keep Wurty under control."- Kathy R


"A gathering that was so much fun that even Sally, who hates just "standing around talking about motorcycles", had a great time." "If you weren't there, you'd better make sure you get there next time."- David "E.B." Smith


"The Un-Rally was a Hoon's hoot."- Jonathan Malthaup


"Last of all I learned that I really like all you guys and gals and would do this again in a heartbeat!!!"- Dakota Dave


"I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as that night at Pizza."- Russell Bynum


"I learned that the people on this board are a mighty fine group of people...good-hearted, funny, giddy, and just downright delightful!"- 90% Angel


"I made new friends that will last a lifetime."- Sierra Rider


"The 2nd Un-Rally is only 12 months away, and the Hell's Angels are waiting to find out where we'll be. Hope to see all of you next year."- Philly Flash


"Wow, these people are really NICE"- G Floyd's Wife


"still not over Gunnison. What a great group of people.. had a great time... can't find words to describe it. A heartfelt thanks to those who made it happen." - Steve Knapp


"The best was the greeting I got when I came in late Monday. Five or six burly guys run up and tell me how worried they were."- Rojen


"Oh gosh...you want me to blow up the computer with my list of stuff I LOVED ? Geeze Louise..."- Kathy R


"Being with biker buddies who "understand"- Faster Pill


"Getting more hugs in three nights and two days than I usually do in a month... Hearing so many people talk about "next time"- Laney


"Knowing that whatever happens I've added a treasure trove full of memories... Where you gonna go tomorrow?"- MurayG


"all of the wonderful people meet, and the great scenery and memories that I will always cherish."- Shelly


"Socializing with all the participants. Far too many to list all. What a great family!"- Sage Rider


"What will I find? Friends, food, rides. We all feel the love..."- Daryll


"Is that Sock Monkey draped around RD's neck?"- Chris NYC


"We broke bread. We broke barriers. We hugged. And we carved up roads that relatively few will ever ride."- Fernando


"I picked a great time/ride to break my Touring Virginity."- Airtire


"I just wish I could of been there to share the Love..."- Drake


"Now I'm really bummed because I missed it, like I wasn't bummed enough already."- Ex-Hogwild


"I now know what I've been missing when this group has gotten together..."- MurrayG


"Several people wanted a copy of the girls of Gunnison"- Daryll


"still having fun, can't turn it off"- Big Mak


"Sun, breeze, road, soul. Imbibe, Friend."- Dick Frantz


"Our ride last Friday just whetted my appitite for further riding in north Arkansas."- Chris K


"Let's do some Arkansas. We can be there for lunch from Dallas."- Brian Mc


"next year I'll be there for sure, even if Jim has to push me."- Bpeterson


"The event was a wonderful experience. I am sorry for those that could not make it.


A lot of love and friendship."- Old Rider


Hope you guys can make it next year.... See you at our next version.."- Marty Hill


"We were kicking butt, too, riding at a good clip and loving the cornering"- David B


"My ride got a lot more boring after we separated...Like I have said before. Can not wait until next year."- Dakota Dave


"I *need* to do this again!"- kcl


"It's time to MOTO.

Bring your Ceegars

Bring your spouse

Just get yur ass out of your house."- Wurty


"In the eternal words of Elwood, "It's a 106 miles. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it."- Brian T


"Bike is checked out - stuff is packed...I want to leave now!

Seeya there!"- Paul Milhalka


"OO! OO! OO! I can't take it!"- Dances with Roads


"Heads out... around 10:00 AM. You will be able to see us comin' from the cloud of ceegar smoke followin us."- Christopher


"My name is Joe Friday. In this city... I ride an RT."- Mitchell


"If you haven't left yet, you're not tingling already"- John R


"Ohhhh yeeah, boyee!"- Faster Pill


"Miss Vicki is packin' her side of the bike right now. My side was packed 2 days ago."- Yeeha! Stephen


"Lookin' forward to meeting those who will be there & sorry to miss those who won't."- CJM Kerns


"Life is Great.......Participate!!!"- Gleno


"BeerBeerBeerBeerBeerBeerBeerBeer"- Greg Anderson


"I really owe Cary Littell... if it wasn't for him... I would still be on a stinkin Harley and it would probably chuck another headgasket."- Wurty



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That's some dang good work, Steve!!!! smile.gif I think including those scattered throughout the site will get people really enthused.

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You never fail to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park. Thank you!


...God, I want to go read all of those posts all over again. It's like having a scrapbook in the computer!

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Brant Herbert

Got the site a few baby steps closer. Have the "pull quotes" ready to insert amongst the text (added a few already); have the registration form kinda there (still not saving any submissions yet); have some images from Jake that I'll add soon; still need to spruce-up the template some to maybe make it look better.


What's the status on other yet-to-be-submitted info on Ride info and the like?


See the staging site.



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We'll need to go live without the Ride Info. Bearden and I are taking four days (hopefully with Mr. Murray G. Arkansas) starting Saturday to put the rides together. We'll probably have 1 long one, 1 short one, and a bunch of do it yourself rides, made from a map that shows all the good roads in NW Arkansas. I've already got them charted.


But people don't actually need the rides now. In fact, last year they were published less than a week before hand. I see ours being ready at the end of this month, in PDF and Word form for downloading.

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Brant, it's a thing of beauty. I can't wait to you drop some photos in there. While we're out this weekend I'll try and take some more photos. Jake you did send the other photos to Brant, right? wink.gif See ya in 48 days. grin.gif

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Brant Herbert

Yes, I have some photos to add in. And a map. And links to clean up. I'll work on that and getting the registration completed asap. I added that last page - Quotes - so I could generate a rendered list of what Jake sent me, so I could pick ones to drop elsewhere. Do you see any other candidate quotes you think would show well? Are there too many woven into the text at the moment? Too few? Do we went to keep the full list in this form, maybe not as a page accessible from the menubar, but linked to from somewhere else? Questions. Questions.

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Those drop quotes are a great touch. I think we could use some more, especially on the pages that don't have them yet. It's a real magnet.


And if there are enough quotes left over, throw 'em on that page! Sure!

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Brant Herbert

Another update tonight. A few pics; a couple maps; a few more quotes; off-site links open new window. Still a couple things to fix there. I need more photos. Will finish the registration form tomorrow. Off to bed.

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Brant Herbert

Announcing another "review candidate". See Staging Site.


Changes from previous:

  • more quotes added (are there too many at this point?)
  • more photos, some from Stephen, a couple shots from Un1
  • LOTS of cosmetic cleanups

What I need:

  • some intro words on the REMEMBER page. (Jake?)
  • links to a few notable threads from Un1, for the REMEMBER page. If someone beats me to it, thanks. Else I'll scrounge for some myself tomorrow.
  • a Critical Read, that we haven't missed something obvious we wanted to say but aren't
  • something more to say about Tech Daze on ARRIVE. Who's writing this?
  • the ride details (future item)
  • some feedback as to whether the "look" "works" (ok color choices, acceptable page loading times, fonts look ok, etc). Feedback from anyone running Mac and PC browsers, maybe a Linux browser, anyone got AOL (which is often problematic)?
  • ...anything else...?

I have only to finish the Registration form (tomorrow), and barring any other major changes or inclusions, we should be ready to roll back the curtain by Sunday morning. I will rename the folder from /_unrally2 to the originally published /unrally so that old link gets the new content.

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Brant -


I have about 5 hours of work-duty this morning, but will happily knock these items out upon my return - should be home around noonish EST. I'll do the writing that you requested (with a few tech pics).


Somebody PLEASE to the critical read. If a title or wording seems out of place, awkward, etc, please pipe up! This is not a bashful bunch! wink.gif

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