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the wind blew me over


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I was parked on a high pass here in CO when the wind caught me off balance and I fell over on my 2013 1200RT. No pain to me, I was not moving.


The cylinder head cover is scratched up, don't know if I'll do anything about that.


The PLASTIC at the upper right corner of the fairing (NOT the painted part of the fairing) is scratched. Just at the very end, and on the edge of the plastic around the mirror.


I might look into replacement parts but I wondered if anyone had suggestions on how I might DIY this to look a little better.




67 yo rider

2013 R1200RT LE

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Ouch. That's a drag.


Maybe try some polishing compound. It's low abrasive. it has removed some scratches and blemishes from my bikes.

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I have a 2013 RT as well. Fortunately only one tip-over at a gas station in my ownership (without the bags,) but I would be philosophical at this point and just say that trying to keep an 11 year old bike in perfect condition is an exercise in futility. There is going to be some wear and tear if you are riding it, so accept a few bruises along the way and just enjoy the ride!

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I do believe that is exactly why that part is not painted...... on my 2011, both sides had scuffs there.

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14 hours ago, Indy Dave said:


Yes .... you beat me to it.   If there are no pics then it did not happen right? 


Having just returned from 32 days on the road across the USA we had some god awful wind and my biggest stress time was when stopping or being stopped at a traffic light.  There were times when i would struggle to keep the bike upright.   Glad your damage was not too bad. 


It seems the wind this year is worse than my prior crossings of the US. 

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