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Dates for Fall Torrey '24?


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I don't want to seem impatient.

I am planning a multi day (week) ride to see my Brother on Vancouver Island in September, and I'd like to make Fall Torrey part of that trip if possible.

A lot of moving pieces right now. 


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It's the weekend of September 19-22 this year.  Normally it's on the last full weekend of Sept, but for some reason the guy who works at the Chuckwagon signed us all up for the third weekend instead.  We'll have to remind him for next year to get it on the right weekend.


Hope to see you there!

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Actually, that may work out better for me.


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I just got off the phone with the Chuckwagon. 

I am In and booked for Sept 19 (Thurs) to 22.

The only rooms available at this time are the ones reserved for our group, so make sure you mention BMWST.

One ground floor room left (single). the rest are cabins and 2nd floor. The young lady did not say how many are left.

Just a "heads-up".


The Chuckwagon - (435) 425-3335

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