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Throttle Body Swap, R1200c to the R1150GS.


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Hey there anyone,


I've been loving my 2000 R1200c for the past couple years and have only recently needed to take it to the dealership for maintenance ( wouldn't start, kickstand switch had gone ). While waiting on her return from the dealership, I found myself wondering the internet. I'm just seeing that the R1150gs has the throttle bodies on the exterior of the bike, not locked in a box under the tank and seats, allowing for a pod-filter mod and air box delete! My question for you guys is this. Is it possible to swap the throttle bodies from a GS to the 1200c, what would I need to do this, and how would I even go about making the swap? Is there a kit? 


Found an article about a similar bike! attached images and link to article by BIKEEXIF




Thanks guys! Looking forward to getting on the road again!





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Hey Cromehead,  welcome to the forum!     


Due to the variations of the limited production C model, there will not be a lot of useful tech on this forum.  You find more answers to your questions, plus more that you have not even asked yet.   Check out:  https://www.chromeheads.org/



Here is the information that may help you - LINKY


You will have to post a photo or two of your 2000 R 1200 C.  Mine is shown in MY GALLERY.   You will have to scroll down to see it.    Of course, you can see it my profile picture on  Chromeheads.



Enjoy your stay here and have fun riding that R12C!!

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I know very little about the C bikes - which is a bit sad as I’ve had one for a year now - but one thing I was surprised to learn, doing the first maintenance on it, was that I didn’t need to do a throttle body synch as there is just one throttle body feeding both cylinders. 

That leads me to the basically wild guess that while anything can be done with the right amount of time / money / skill, this would not be a simple proposition. 

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I didn't have time to look at your pics earlier, but did today. 

I also saw you asked if there was a kit. I would be very shocked if there were. The C was pretty low production and not a great seller to begin with - and beyond that, not many folks seemed to be in to customizing them - so a very limited market for a kit (and for a kit to do something that most people would agree with Tom and say, why?). 


If you do get into the project, please post up the progress here - I'd be interested to watch you do it (even if I can't imagine bothering with it myself). I will say, I was really pleased to discover my C did NOT have two throttle bodies because that meant I'd never have to futz around getting them to play nice with each other!

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