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Beatty residents (Burros) were very welcoming


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Seemed like there were more Burros around Beatty than usual.  They hung out with us in the hotel parking lot for a while chomping on anything green.




They also took handouts from the cars passing by.




Badwater basin, with water (if you zoom in far enough to see it.  No Burros here, they're smart enough to avoid it.



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12 hours ago, mrduck said:

Getting directions from one of the locals on the good places to eat!

Hope his suggestions were good and he didn't make an Ass of himself   :facepalm:

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Those thing have become an nuisance out there. I lived on Fort Irwin (40 miles north of Barstow) in the 90s it was rare to see a donkey except in the northern training area about 25 miles north of main post.  I travel back to Fort Irwin a couple of times a year and the main post area is overrun with the things. They have killed off most of the coyotes though. Last year the Army contracted with a firm from Texas who relocated 500 from main post.  

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