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Laam custom seats


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Anyone here have experience with Laam custom seats?  Interested in comparison with Russell Day Long particularly. 

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I have a Laam seat on my 2015 R1200 RT. I rode out to California to have it made. Seth was a true professional and ensured the seat fit me perfectly. I highly recommend his seat. I have not had a RDL so I cannot give you a comparison. But, I really enjoy my Laam seat and have about 70k on it with no complaints. 

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I have one on my 2020 RT.  Very comfortable.  He spent a lot of time on the phone with me when it came time to build it.  His cost was very reasonable, in fact the cheapest out there at the time of purchase.  He formerly worked with one of the Mayer brothers, who built the seat on my 2007 RT.  After some conversation, he said  he probably built the seat I have on my 2007 when he worked for Mayer.  I have never owned an RDL, but I have sat on a couple and observed a couple as well.  The Laam seat's "wings" are not as pronounced as the RDL's, but I still am very comfortable on mine for hundreds of miles a day.  

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