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'09 K1300S Clutch Plates


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1 hour ago, Lowndes said:

Does anyone know the clutch plate stack height specs, max/min??

Afternoon Lowndes


I just checked my BMW manual, it shows how to assemble & how to pre-oil but no mention of assembled stack height. 

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OK.  Thanks, Dirtrider.


I think I saw it mentioned in a vid somewhere but can't find anything on it now.  Guess I'll just measure the "old" plates.  They showed zero signs of any wear.  Just the aluminum surfaces of the internal basket parts.  (never could find the names for these two parts, "pressure plate" and "carrier" maybe??)  See arrows below. 


I can't believe BMW would design something like that.  I was very tempted to put two of the "old" steel plates on the outside and remove a friction and steel pair from the inside, but they are different thicknesses.  I need to figure out the allowable max and min to come up with a combination that works.






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  • 3 months later...

A new bmw friction plate is .148" thick. Here are some notes from my last clutch change using OEM parts.









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