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Final Drive moan?


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2013R1200R K27

Was pushing the bike into the yard last night and heard this kinda “moaning” kinda sound when moving the bike forward and backward.

sounds like maybe a seal needs lube or something needs lube.


Anyone ever heard this? is this a normal sound?


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7 hours ago, 9Mary7 said:

Brake pads??

Yeah, maybe a frozen caliper? @Boxflyer showed me how those pins need lube to keep the calipers/pads from hanging on the rotors.

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sounded like dragging brakes to me too...but hard to tell over the intraweb.  Tewks is right...unbolt calipers and check again.

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Heyyyy, a “totally normal” 

I like that, thank you! 


i figured the brake scrape would grab the attention, but below that is the kinda whine/moan.

seems like maybe the seal getting rubbed on. No leaks or anything so I’m not worried at this point.


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I would say it's not unusual, but if your brakes are dragging, they are wearing and getting warm.  I wouldn't say normal.  I would still pull the pads which should take 5 minutes -  check again.  If the sound is gone, then thoroughly clean and lightly lube the pins they slide on.  Don't depress the brakes with the pads out or you will likely cause the pistons to come out and that won't be much fun.

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