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Adaptive Xenon headlight upgrade for 2019 R1250RT


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I just wanted to share project that has taken me over a year to complete and it is just awesome.

This mod Adaptive xenon headlight  was created by member ‘LeD’.

The finished project looks so original that I would class the work as simply a bespoke masterpiece.



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Great work.   Several questions come to mind, if you please:


1) What all was involved in swapping it in?


2)  How long has it been in use (miles?)   


3)  How often do you ride that bike?


4)  Is the orginal battery still installed?


5)  Is there a world wide web link related to your project?


I have a 2019 RT and my questions center around the OEM H7 bulb that last me, on average, 12,000 - 13,000 miles.   I have that bulb swap-out process mastered and wondered how long your headlight bulb lasts; I figured it would require a different change procedure when it (if) it burns out.



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Hi wbw6cos


1) What all was involved in swapping it in?

As a starting point, I would refer you to this article by ‘LeD


2)   How long has it been in use (miles?)  

I had just finished installing the final assembled headlight unit the week beginning Sunday 10th, September 2023, and I have ridden just under 100 miles.


3) How often do you ride that bike?

Sadly not often, I travel a lot for work.


4) Is the orginal battery still installed?

Yes my battery is original 4 years strong (I have had the bike from new). When I‘ve finished with the bike , it is connected to an optimists Canbus/or direct battery (Canbus usually as it’s a quicker connection).

A very interesting question. I did not see this question coming. Why ask?


5)  Is there a world wide web link related to your project?

No there is not. As this was ‘LeD’ creation or should I say taking a leaf out of the Honda play book “reverse engineering”, I would supplement his notes (see item 1 above).

Transplanting a K1600 adaptive xenon unit was no easy task, even though the ‘building blocks’ were already in place.

The RT Hid build swap out process is a headlight out job, so factor in say 6 hours or so. Also note the lifespan of an Hid build is about twice that of a halogen.



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