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What's the best manual for repairs?


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Presumably going to have to drop the engine over the winter so wondering what the best manual/video would be for my '06 K12S. Can't seem to find a Haynes or Clymer so wondering what the next best thing is.

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2 hours ago, BerettaRacer said:

I don't know of one.

Best option so far is individual vids on u-tube.

Can only find K12RS videos. Seems anything KS related is fairly rare because they never fail. Guess I may be the only one entertaining the idea of taking this on.

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On 9/11/2023 at 5:43 PM, Lowndes said:

Have you inquired over on https://www.k-bikes.com/ ??  Some really helpful people over there, kinda like here, 'cept for it's just K's.

Yes. Unfortunately, it seems the CD is the only available resource. Was hoping for some intuitive YouTube videos (there was everything I ever wanted for my VFR) but the K has absolutely nothing.

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