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Recommendations for vinyl seat repair


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I have what looks like the beginning of a tear on the seat of my 2004 R1150 RS. It's in what I presume is the usual spot along the side where the weight of the rider creates a fold or stretches the material. There are a quite a few products out there - some which are simply a flexible stick on patch, others more involved requiring color matching and heat applied liquids. Does anyone have any recommendations/experience relative to these products? The area is small (so far) and I'm not particularly concerned with appearance.

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The rear sear on my R1150 is irreparably damaged. 1/3 of the vinyl cover just disintegrated due to sitting in the sun. I took it to a local upholstery shop and they charge outrageous amounts, about 2x what an entire used seat goes for on ebay. So I've taken a chance and ordered replacement covers off amazon at  a reasonable price, I'll report back when they arrive.

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I’m happy to report that my gamble worked! The replacement covers were pre-stitched and sized for my seat. All I did was stretch it over and fasten with heavy duty stainless steel staples. The material is more stretchy than oem and slightly thinner but not flimsy at all.  Love the way it turned out. 
the company also seems to be US-based (SoCal from the packaging insert ). HT moto on Amazon. The listing has sparse details, but the covers are legit.



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