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North on 395, the ride report....


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North on 395, the ride report....


Thanks again to those of you who offered suggestions and ideas in my original thread http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/682652/page/0/fpart/all/vc/1


Left Sacramento around 4pm on Thursday the 25th of May, and arrived at Rich’s place in Mt. Shasta City around 7pm. What can I say about Rich’s place other than wow, sweet view…..Mt. Shasta is his next door neighbor…..it is simply stunning. Thanks again Rich for the hospitality and willingness to open your home to a traveling rider, I do hope I can return the favor in the future.



Day 2 involved riding from Rich’s up I-5 to Weed, CA, then north on 97 to Klamath Falls, Oregon, where I connected with 140 towards Lakeview and 395. I did stop for a nice breakfast in Bly, OR at a small little place (probably the only one in Bly). I believe it was called the Coyote Café, and I would recommend it. The waitress was very concerned that I was freezing to death (it was in the mid 30’s), but the heated vest put her at ease. Interestingly I did see a Coyote just up the road from breakfast. Coincidence?



It was snowing on the next pass (Quartz pass) but only a few flakes. I soon hooked up with 395 in Lakeview where a number of Harley riders at the gas station told me they were headed to Winnemucca for a holiday rally. I bet I could have sold my heated vest for big $$$ to a few of those guys…….they looked COLD….




395 north in Oregon was sweet, and while I understand some of the comments regarding the lack of challenging roads in the southern part of the state I felt like the scenery more than compensated, and the lack of rain was a big plus…..however the section from John Day north to Pendleton was truly amazing….river on the right for much of the way, nice 40mph sweepers for miles, and nearly zero other traffic on the road…..I arrived in Waitsburg, WA around 5:30 pm just in time for the chili feed…..I called Mike Strang in Dayton and he stopped by to finalize our plans for the next day.


Saturday was simply amazing, Mike, on his V-Strom 650, myself and a friend (Steve) on a ZX-11, headed out east into the Palouse, and a day of twisty roads, rolling green hills and very little traffic.




Mike is an excellent guide, and clearly knew his way around the back roads (the GPS may have helped).




Approx. 2 hours into the ride we heard from another rider who was running late, and being the gentlemen we are it was decided we would wait for him….and then their were 4 (a 1150RT, a 650 V-Strom, a ZX-11 and a FJR-1300 for those keeping score).




The rest of the day was even better, including an excellent lunch and a visit one of the Snake River dams.





My attempt at getting a performance award from one of Washington’s finest was even amusing, in part because I had just switched bikes with Mike and now had no registration or ID (wallet was on my bike in the tank bag), and in part because Mike, one of the town dentists, knew the officer…..thanks again for stopping Mike!!!!


Warning received we soon parted ways and I was ready for the next leg of my journey, but thanks to a quick phone call plans to head north to the Canadian border and then onto Glacier NP were abandoned as the weather in the area was not cooperating.


The next morning (Sunday) I contemplated my options and after looking at the dark clouds to the south I decided to head west down the Columbia River gorge, a decision that turned out to be a good one…..




I crossed over to the Oregon side on 730 for a few miles, fueled up in Umatilla, then headed back across to Washington for a ride west on 14. Followed this until the Stonehenge replica outside of Biggs, where I heard it was snowing in the Cascades in Oregon, so my plan to head south on 97 was quickly abandoned and I kept heading west on 84 till the Portland area. Weather was very acceptable, with some slight rain but mostly just cloudy conditions, something I am very familiar with having spent nearly 30 years in Seattle.





Part #2 to be posted soon....

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The Palouse is an undiscovered gem for riders. I really enjoyed being able to show you & Steve some of the best local riding. Plus it got me out of some serious yard work clap.gif


Looks like you were successful in skirting some of the nasty weather by changing direction. You *will* have to experience Lolo next time through.

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Weather was as good as I could have asked for, worst conditions were some light rain but mostly just wet roads. My friends to the north assured me I made the right choice as the weather just got worse over the next few days....and by the south end of the Oregon coast the sun made a full time appearance.


Thanks again for the tour!!



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