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Where in the World is Carmen San Diego !!!???


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....... or for those of you not having been computer game freaks since the Middle Ages..... where is Marty Hill for that matter !!


We have read remarks that he might NOT be on the continent at all, fuelled by his extreme modesty in posting any pictures of his travels of course. And perhaps by his brevity in his postings..... <cough>....


Alright, for all of you nay-sayers then.... here is the proof that Mr. Hill REALLY is around and about, terrorizing the European traffic on his black-and-white GS......


Here you see him at my 'spare' computer, the one that 'houses' my Flight Simulator. No, he's not taking off but rather reading the ADVRider... ooops.... I mean BMWST forums....




Onto more serious stuff...... a Belgian gas station... here he gets ready to get a coffee after having filled up yet another tank of incredibly expensive fluids..... it didn't rain YET ....




This particular picture was taken after riding for some hour and a half in the rain and lane splitting half of that time.

I don't think he is angry at me....... is he ???




Fast forward a bit...... our first ride in Normandy. Marty after an exhausting visit to the Caen War Memorial .....




As by a miracle, the weather cleared after we arrived in Normandy. Here Marty gets ready to mount up again after the Memorial visit.


(NOTE the French number plates please..... yes, yes, we could've 'doctored' them...)




Alright then.. here's what we would call a 'typical Marty pose' ?? I've seen one or two before.....


The boulevard at Ouistreham, the town captured by French Commando's at the beginning of D-Day.




Quite a while later we arrived at the Arromanches Memorial, looking over the Arromanche town and remnants of the artificial Mulberry harbirs.


Marty kept having trouble with his zippers...... could it be all that food that came into play there !!??


At this point he also managed to find a lady from New Orleans - or was it Louisiana - who seemed to be even more outspoken than our Marty. Great fun for the English and Dutch company standing around and grinning..... :lol: :lol:




Marty in Beuvron en Auge, a little town in the heart of Normandy where time seems to have stood still for, oh, 400 years or so ?




Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse, two gentlemen of good standing enjoy the amenities of French hotellerie and set out to help their host get rid of some of those pesky bottles with French liquor, wine and other beverages.


We really were good at that !




More of the above..... this time in front of the fire place, having coffees....




Here is Marty waiting for me to take pictures of a church at Colleville-sur-Mer. That was eerie.. I played a war game all winter (I think it was Call of Duty) and I recognized that church immediately !!




The American cemetery at Colleville is getting a new parking lot.




The American Cemetery at Colleville is impressive, depressing and wonderful all at the same time.

Extremely well cared for and positioned upon the cliffs that the GI's conquered on June 6th, 1944, coming up from Omaha Beach....




Vierville-sur-Mer... Marty (and GS) at Omaha Beach !!




Marty at Point du Hoc, the cliffs that were scaled by the Rangers, only to find most canon were not there.




Looking out over the 'point' and the monument.... somewhere out there is the English south coast....




Marty found another guy to talk to... this one was great, he didn't argue !!!!


A Willys jeep in the St. Mere Eglise museum of the Airborne troops.




Much travel wears you down of course...... fortunately our hosts had a pool, lazy chairs.......




Another typical 'Marty pose' ..... he is either packing something INTO his cases, or getting something OUT of it..... Pandorra's boxes !




At the bank at Beuzeville, near to our B&B .... getting more ' Fuel Euros' from the ATM.




Getting ready to ...... EAT... again... This shot shows Marty at Yport, a little fisher town north of Le Havre and Etretat.


(Note the French license plate....)




Woops, I forgto the name of this little town.... somewhere near Valmont. Another typical ' Marty Pose' .... waiting for the photographer again (I am sure he's 'sighed' more than a few times, seeing me grab my camera again ..... ).





Perhaps not-so-flattering..... just his head.... actuallu I was more interested in the Pont de Brotonne just behind us. THAT did not come out verygood either.. oh well....




Back to Marty Pose #2....... relaxing after a ride, talking to people, sipping wine.... Life is GOOD !


Here our hosts Carole and Philippe..... THE BEST !!!!!




Yes, alright, I admit it...... I kinda got carried away by Marty's penchant for good food and drinks.... even to the extent that here I am the one impatient to be fed !!!




Marty on Carole's computer.. checking the forums but not writing much <grin !!!!>





So, to all of you still having doubts about mr. Hill's whereabouts.... stay tuned for more 'proof'. We'll be heading back into France next week.... meanwhile Marty is exploring the polders on his own becasue I have some work to do before we leave again.....


Hope you enjoyed the little Where Is He Tour.......



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I remember that Carmen character !


Thanks for an absolutely fabulous picture tale of Marty's (and your) latest adventures.


Looks like Marty's having so much fun it's wearing him out grin.gif

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Thanks Francois.


There is an absolute awe and quiet that comes over me with the Normandy D-Day photos. bncry.gif


Truly wonderful. The feeling around there must have been something.


Thanks for the pics/updates/posts.


Give our best to Marty! wave.gifwave.gif

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Excellent writing!!


I just gotta tell you that Marty takes the same sitting position at the computer when he's here, too!! (That slightly forward tilt) grin.gifgrin.gif


I also took notice that he's wearing a yellow jacket in one shot, then the red one in most of the others......holy moly...how many did he bring with him?


It's good to see (pictorally) that he's getting around to all those places......a true test of patience! grin.gifgrin.gif


Over the past several years I've tried to talk his ear off about taking pictures, and it's good to see he finally felt guilty enough to start doing something! tongue.gif



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Marty Hill



I had tears in my eyes when I looked over all the graves. It truly is a shock when you think of all those young guys who gave their lives on the beach. Noble and terrible at the same time.


I paid my respects with a salute to them all.




Your nagging finally worked. The yellow jacket is just a first gear rain jacket. When I get hoome I will put some words together.

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I've been away....just getting caught up on your travels...the salute was a nice touch.....


Great pix Francois....and Thanks



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