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More about evaporative cooling vests


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I wear an Aerostich and ride behind a full fairing on the R12RT. Would I be wasting my money to buy a cooling vest? I now use one of Riderwearhouse's triangle-shaped "evapodannas," and I am impressed with how well it works. But of course it is up in the windstream and essentially outside the jacket. If I open the vent zippers on the 'stich and leave the front partway open, will a vest work effectively?

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Yes, if you limit the airflow, you might not get as much cooling, but it should last longer....

Like an evaporative cooler for the house, humidity makes a difference also....

I use one and like it a lot- wouldnt be able to ride all summer without it...


Good luck-

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Absolutely. Under a mesh jacket they actually dry out too fast. I wore one under my Rev'It Cayenne jacket at 113 degrees going through the Joshua Tree NP area on the way to Torrey, and found that it worked much better than it had the previous year under mesh at 103.

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I have a vest that I wear under a Savanah II suit. It worked ok on the RT. Works better on the GS. That barn door fairing was great in the winter, but I roasted in the summer.

Yes, the vest is worth the money.

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The company I bought from, Shield Safety, appears to have either been bought or gone "TU". So during a search I discovered these folks. It appears from what I see here that this is the same vest. So, here's a bargain for all of you looking for an evaporative cooling vest!

No affiliation, just found it on a search thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif.


Four Seasons Survival

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I have a Stitch Roadcrafter that I wear all the time and live in Texas where it warms up pretty good. The vest works well and have ridden in 100 + a lot. The vest works fine behind a larger than stock windshield on an RT with the zippers open all the way. We got stuck in stopped I-25 traffic last summer in Denver in 105 degrees wearing all the gear and did OK considering the heat. The vest made all the difference. I got the vests from New Enough.

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I have the TechNiche also but Iron Horse didn't carry them when I bought mine. Got it from New Enough for about $27. Last Sept I came through Yuma and it was 115 degrees. It kept me fairly comfy under my Joe Rocket mesh jacket but would dry out in 200 miles. Gas up, soak, repeat every 200 miles. smile.gif

These are not the hydro beads like the cool snakes use. The fibers are a wicking fiber and 10 seconds in a sink changes the weight of the vest from a few ounces to about 3 Lbs. I carry it in a large ziplock bag when not in use.



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Which vest are you-all using?


May I suggest Silver Eagle Outfitters. I bought their cooling vest at the Lima rally last year and have worn it under my S2 jacket. I love this thing. Usual disclaimer applies. www.coolingapparel.com

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