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Need Opinions Please


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2012 R1200 RT

So, recently my top box fell off aat speed and got all scraped up. It looks awful but still works. I filed an insurance claim and my excess payment is $500. The quote for the new box is about $1500 including painting to match the bike.


I can still use the old box if I want. So the question I am considering is - Do I go ahead with the insurance, or do I use the $500 to buy the Motorscan App and the Dongle?

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Etienne Lau

What you going to to with the leftover $$$ after buying motoscan and dongle? Personally I would replace the case.

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I'd use the $500 to buy a used but not damaged box. If you're patient you could maybe find the same color. You might then be able to sell your damaged one for enough to buy the motoscan app and dongle. 

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