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Spring 2023 Check-In


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@Bullett and I in at 1:50.  Skirted a massive ugly black thunderstorm around The Bear's Ears and thought we were clear.  Then another blew up in front of us as we approached Cortez.  Made it in under the wire.  15 minutes later it hit at the house with heavy rain, wind and hail.  We were lucky.


It was a great weekend.  Glad to see old friends and meet new.  The riding was top notch and the camaraderie was the best.  By my count, 17 attendees, 3 of those new. 



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Rob Nowell
2 hours ago, Twisties said:

We were lucky

glad you're safe!

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In safe at 12:30 pm today after a stopover in Mesquite.  Remind me to avoid Vegas next May if the Electric Daisy Carnival is there on our Torrey weekend.  It ended at 7 am as we hit Vegas and added an hour to our ride through Vegas.

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Home just before Noon


Had a great Time. Torrey is never disappointing

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Dennis Andress

Home around 2 this afternoon. 

Did anyone get a picture of the hail stacking up on the road?

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I made it home after escorting Dennis all the way back to Tucson! Thanks for the warm welcome! 20230520_105623.thumb.jpg.b9c745dc47ced3705d7d29ab3cbf86a0.jpg

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In at 12:15 Monday….great ride. Torrey is beautiful. Glad I added Thursday. One full day in Torrey is not enough.



Rest stop on The Hogback, Hwy 12 north of Escalante



Dinner at Hunter  Gatherer


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Rick in NV

Got home at 5:30 pm today. Good to see you all. Lets do it again!

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