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Where's the best place to get BMW odds-n-ends parts?


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Nearest dealership or online? If online, where? I am specifically looking for the "TOP" brake bleeder to do my ABS and 1 or 2 of the rubber dampeners that the windshield bolts go through. I think the dealer lost one and I now just have a peice of rubber that I cut up to soak up any vibration. Anyway the TOP is the most important thing. I know Marin was mentioned, any others? Thanks, Terry


BTW, what is the difference between the TOP's for the '02 and older and the '03 and newer? I was wondering if I could use the older one on my '02 and if it would fit some buddies of mine who both have '04's. Thanks


One more time dopeslap.gif I have to order the funnel for the "Mini-stan". Is there a p[lace I can get the funnel I need for that along with the funnels needed to do my other BMW service needs? (Like filling my tranny) McMaster does look like they have anything to fit the bill for the tranny, or do they. Thanks

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The TOP for the ABS brake bleed...are you refering to the cap you are going to drill out the center for the funnel from MacMaster to fit into, which will be JB weld in place?

I ordered the ABS vent caps, comes as a set of two with the hose from my Dealer. (I think itis called 'ABS Modulator') I ordered the '04 model part. The difference between parts is the newer model has a deeper screw, which will work in "all" the bikes, but the older model years will not work in the newer. (If that made sense.)


For filling the Tranny and Final Drive, I purchasd a funnel with a flexible spout. It has a valve to 'control' the flow. It holds about 800 mL.

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I guess that's the part. So if I get the newer one, then I can do the other guys bikes and mine also, right. Well, as long as it fits mine anyway grin.gif Where's the best place to order it from? Thanks

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