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Uggggg.... Gearbox Input Shaft Recall....


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The actual recall has not been issued yet, so it is not possible to determine if your bike is affected.  It does not yet show up on the recall list.  


One has to wonder how a software update is going to prevent an input shaft failure and a "blocked rear wheel."  I hope they aren't planning to detune our bikes.  That is not an acceptable solution.  Does anyone know any more about this?

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Perfect. I’ve had my ‘23 RT for just over a week! Maybe shifting only with the clutch would take the stress off of that shaft?

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Reading all the documentation associated to the recall shows that the remedy is a simple software update. While that seems strange, the claim is that it is caused by some sort of condition where engine speed and vehicle speed are mismatched causing the shaft to break due to extreme loading. Maybe related to the quick-shifter or something getting the speeds wrong?


I was dreading the idea of my just out of the crate RT having to be torn down to replace the shaft. The recall sometimes lists the RT and then in other places specifies just the RTP, so looks like not an issue for me at all.

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The link from the OP shows 19-23 R1250RT under affected vehicles on NHTSA site. RTP isn’t listed. Unless I’m not using the right recall which is entirely possible.

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I found this on ADVRider:


"BMW Motorrad is recalling certain BMW R1250 GS and R1250 RT models in Canada for a software issue that could damage the gearbox input box or cause it to break under certain conditions. According to Transport Canada Recall 2023-01-18 and BMW recall 23 01 23RC, if the gearbox input box is damaged or breaks, the bike’s rear wheel could lock up and “…cause a loss of control and increase the risk of a crash.”

Transport Canada recall particulars

BMW’s notice points out that the issue could be created when there is a “…sudden difference in speed between the engine and rear wheel.” They also point out that this type of sudden change in rear wheel speed is uncommon but may happen in an off-road situation where a spinning rear wheel slows suddenly while landing after a jump.”

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