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Anchor Points for Tie-down

Rob Nowell

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Rob Nowell

When I get ready to strap my '16 RT to my Kendon trailer, are there any points on the bike to which I should NOT anchor a tie-down?  The trailer has six hooks, three on each side, in front, in the middle, and on the back. My bike has Ilium Works engine and rear luggage guards added, which I am wondering whether to avoid or not...


Thank you for your tips.



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Directions are in the owners manual under "Securing motorcycle for transport" starting on page 103 of the 2016 RT owners manual (shown below).  The fork brace and passenger footrest brackets are the correct tie down points...



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Rob Nowell
13 minutes ago, alegerlotz said:

Directions are in the owners manual

Thank you!  I'll check it over!

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