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been reading all these great forums for months now and can only say that it's great to hear the stories and get the advice from all these experienced riders! I've been riding for a little more than a year--started with an '87 k75 and moved up to a '94 K1100rs this spring. Very happy with the bike, not so happy with the Hein Gericke mesh jacket I bought last spring.

I worry about the jacket disintegrating if (when?) I make an off-bike impromptu excursion. After doing a lot of research on the web, it looks to me like Rukka of Finland and Halvarsson's of Sweden make the best textile jackets. Rukka is very pricy, Halvarsson's less so. Anyone out there have any experience with either brand of gear?

I'm looking specifically at the "Korax" jacket, here's a link:



You'll have to click on 'textile' and then on 'Korax"

Thanks all!

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Never heard of the jacket either, but welcome to the site and glad to have another PNWener here. The local guys (read: greater WA/OR/BC) are having a gathering at Dave's BBQ in Wenatchee this Saturday. You should come! Follow This Link for information.



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First, welcome to our little place we call heaven.


As for your korax, I have no knowledge of them whatsoever. As for Rukka, there are a couple guys in our local BMW club that have them and they love them. I have not tried them myself, but from their appearance they seem to be very well made. CE armor, yada, yada, yada.


Welcome wave.gif, enjoy yourself, post pictures, and let us know what you get and how you like it.

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