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Road Ahead Closed , and Hailes chuch , Gloucestershire


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Very nice photos! thumbsup.gif


Must go visit there sometime... my maps.google.com cannot find Oxon, England though confused.gif


Oh, and I think you want to edit the second link... it now point to the same post on adv.



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(to use my favorite English curse) Bloody Hell, those photos are gorgeous! clap.gif They say it rains "a bit" in England, wink.gif but you sure are rewarded with some gorgeous contryside. BTW, if you had a GS, you could've ridden down those paths as opposed to schlepping it! grin.gif

Thanks Mark for the Oxon definition. I'll admit to having spent a few hours of company time trying to find it myself. blush.gif

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They say it rains "a bit" in England,


But not all the time - today it's like California - clear blue skies and warm sunshine - gotta go - the bike is calling!

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