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'04 R1150RT Battery Life


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Yes, I know this is a "dumb" question because there are so many variables but here it is none the less.


About how long (miles or time) are the batteries lasting before they should be replaced on late model RTs? I have an '04 that has next to no mileage (4,6xx) due to some serious illness issues that my wife and I both have had to deal with. Things are finally looking up and I plan to hit the road for an extended wander late Summer lasting through early Fall. I'm asking because I'm trying to eliminate anything that might cause a "failure to proceed".


I have always kept the battery on a float charger if that makes any diference.


Thanks in advance,


Wayne in Tampa

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If the battery fluid level has been kept up and the bike on a float charger, IMHO, you shouldn't have any problems. My 2003 (October 2002 delivery) has the original battery on it and I keep an eye on the fluid and it is on a Battery Tender all the time. Battery is still in a good state of charge.

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Battery life in motorcycle applications tends to vary all over the place but I would say that if the battery is only two years old, has been kept charged, and seems to work well now (starts the bike easily, no ABS faults, etc.) then I wouldn't worry about taking it along on your trip.

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My '03 RT has over 50,000 miles on it and the original battery is going strong.

By the way, come see us at the Tampa BMW dealer for free pancakes on Saturday morning (June 3, 8 a.m.)

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Laffo IBA#34115

Keep in mind guys that the 04 RT has a gel battery and cannot float charged in the normal manner. The charging limitations are no more than 14.3 volts so one would need a charger specific to gel batteries such as the $100 BMW unit or the $50 Battery Tender "PLUS". I you have had your battery on a standard lead acid type charger, you may want to have it checked.


After that, ENJOY your extended ride. I'm green with envy.

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