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DV 2022 moved to Kernville


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One time only! We will be back to Beatty…..
The roads into the park are severely damaged and not sure when they’ll be open, so moving the weekend to Kern Lodge….760-376-2223…. call them soon!

Kern Brewery right next door, good food just a short walk across the bridge, and some good riding in the Sequoias………tell them BMW motorcycle group.

Come on out, see ya there 


Don J

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22 hours ago, graydude said:

In!  But not going over to Kennedy Meadows unless guarantees of no snow. I hate icy roads. 


I'll be there to assist if needed Todd.  It's etched in my memory... and a good one it is! :burnout:

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14 minutes ago, graydude said:

Sorry guys. My wife obliged us to watch grandkids that weekend. She who must be obeyed. I’m bummed. 

Depending on their age, you could bring them.  Obviously not on the GTL.  There's gotta be some stuff thats kid friendly there depending on age.

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7 hours ago, FlyingFinn said:

Don, what days?
Arriving on Friday and leaving Sunday?

I'm booked for those days.  Arriving Fri 11/11 and leaving Sun 11/13.  The lady I booked with was super slow and kept getting interrupted by a cat from one of the guests jumping on her keyboard and phone.  I'm not even sure she got my info right.  Prices are the same on phone or via their website so you might want to save yourself some hassle and just book via their website.

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Friday morning 11/ 11…there will be the usual suspects meeting up at Lancaster Ave I Starbucks  by 9 am, then taking the back roads up through Tehachapi and on in to Kernville…and you’re more than welcome to join us. Come on out, you will have a good time!


Don J

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