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First (windy !!) ride in Holland.......of mr. X !


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Today was Marty's first encounter with some 'typical' Dutch weather... WIND ! And not a small amoutn either. Gale force 7 blowing all day ling from the southwest.


But, since the forecast is that all the OTHER days will be worse, with rain, storm and even hail expected (and frost at night !!! Yikes!!), we figured we'd better get on the bikes and go see some of the country.


I took Marty on a tour around the norhern part of the IJsselmeer (IJssel Lake), the former Zuiderzee, combining a few of my previous trips into one.


We 'did' not major dikes crossing the sea, saw a very special part of Friesland (Gaasterland) AND lots of real Frisian cows, had 'poffertjes' in Harlingen, and returned via some historic old villages in our own province.


Here is the route we took.......




A quick stop at the begin of the dike to Lelystad. Had to warn Marty to 'duck' for the extremely large sea gulls that skim the dike and the road...... and tend to loose 'control' in these gale force winds sometimes. You don't want to catch one with your mouth open.... !!




Here is a view of Enkhuizen harbor..... always nice and ' moody' .....




At the other end of the dike is the city of Lelystad. 35 years ago (or about) there was NOTHING here but sea!

The local school started building a ship 'the old way', and the result is seen in the picture.

They're building a second one now....








We managed to NOT park on the disabled parking spots....... hmmmm.. wonder why. At the end of the ride we did feel somewhat 'disabled'.....




In Harlingen we found the 'poffertjes restaurant' that I spotted a month or so ago.

This is what we had....in good BMWST fashion..... doesn't look like much, but Marty assures me he liked them... so .. !!! :lol:




.... the proof !!!!




After we warmed up and filled our tummies... we took a walk to look at the harbor.

Down in the middle is the restaurant...... our bikes can be made out top-right in the picture... can you spot them ??




One of the island ferries coming in to dock... prettu busy with sailing ships and other vessels looking for shelter in the harbor of Harlingen.....




Watching the ships come in..........




The ferry.....




At one point it got really crowded down there...... fun to watch!





After this we headed back home.

We were getting cold.. our ears were sizzling from the wind noise all day and we really were looking forward to another excellent meal prepared by Nina.


At the time of writing we're pretty tired, Marty is falling asleep at my desk, Nina is gone to bed already..... you get the picture..... more tomorrow !!!


Francois wave.gif

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Glad you were able to show Marty some of the your beautiful country [and we were able to come along too].


Hope the forecasters have got it wrong, and you'll be able to get out again. tongue.gif

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Marty Hill

Great ride today. Interesting wind when your riding on the dike. Watching for seagulls and wondering if you will get blown into the water. dopeslap.gif

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Update: still storming... and rainy.. although we managed to find sunny patches in between....... Hope weather clears before we start our ride to France ! crazy.gif

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Wonderful clap.gif. Francois, can you do us all a huge favor and accompany Marty on the rest of his trip grin.gif. Hi Marty wave.gif . Thanks for sharing and thank you for being such a good sport tongue.gif.

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Marty Hill


I am now doing yard work at Francois's home. In return he will take pics and post them. grin.gif

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Marty Hill

More, that is impossible. It rains every hour now. I now have a BMW 1200 row boat. grin.gif

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More, that is impossible. It rains every hour now. I now have a BMW 1200 row boat. grin.gif


Just sit right bike and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful ship . . .


Nice pics! Way to go Gilligan and Skipper. Love the pics of the sailing ship!!!!

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