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Time 4 Clutch Service -- What else?


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I've got a '02 1150RT w/ 52k.. Owned it since new 11/01... At the last El Paseo noticed that the Clutch engagement was not as it had been... Had bike in 4 services and found that the final drive bearing was going and scheduled that service... later that week clutch began to slip probably due to oil fouling so it's time to have the bike torn down... I've also noticed that the stock shocks were on last leg so while the dealer has it apart will replace those as well...


W/ what had been 52k of fun on my RT w/ zero problems I'd like to have dealer service/replaced/upgrade anything that might be needed to give me another 50k of problem free riding... apart from the splines, throttle cables, & alternator belt what else should I be thinking about?

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