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Seat Support Bumpers


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What are these things called? Can I replace them? My Google-Fu isn't cutting it this time.


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35 minutes ago, Doctare said:

Check your model to be sure.


https://www.ascycles.com/bmw/1998/R1100RT96/Seats and seat bench.html#Subcatdiv



Price ea.

Aftermarket seat (Top Sellerie). The ones you linked are for a stock seat and are rather flat. Almost looks like the post is part of the seat and the rubber part was glued on.


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That is a French made after market seat. You could go to Ebay and punch in BMW Sellerie. There are plenty of them listed. Contact a seller and see if they could help. I think I would give Sargent a call, great folks, and see what they say. Good luck

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I imagine this is the same as used on the R1100RT. There's a guy parting out an R1100RT and selling just what you need, if your seat will fit. Miguel



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11 hours ago, Brucifer1150 said:

What are these things called? Can I replace them? My Google-Fu isn't cutting it this time.


Morning Brucifer1150


I'm not exactly sure what you have there but those seat bump stops look a lot like the BMW 1200RT  p/n-  16112323615 seat bump stop. 


You might stop by a BMW dealer, & if they have stock on a 16112323615 seat bump stop, see if it is a close enough fit to work for you.




16112323615 bump stop.jpg

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Mid-resolution bump(ers!):

Emailed Top Sellerie and they said "Zend us ze 14 Euros, and we will zend you zomething".


At least it's PayPal, so I have that going for me. No idea as to time frame.

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