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Premature death of rear


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While working on my RT today, I noticed some oil on the cat and looked for the source of it.

As far as I can tell without taking anything apart (yet) it looks very much like the oil had leaked out from the rear Ohlins.

This is bit disappointing since the shock is only 13 months old with just under 10K miles on it.


I haven't done any MX with the RT and the spring is correct for my weight so bottoming should have been minimal.


Is this normal? confused.gif

Only 10K miles before I have the oils leaking out is not very impressive from a $600 shock frown.gif




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Nothing normal about this at all!


If, in fact, this is the source of the problem, you need to get it addressed as soon as possible.


As it is only 13 months old, I am sure you will have some recourse through Ohlins.


The unfortunate thing is that you will be without your bike, unless you kept the stockers.

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Have you eliminated oil from the airbox? The drain is on the left rear of the box and often drips onto the cat.

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Look at the bump stop. If it's coated with oil, you found your leak. I had my rear Type 4 start weeping oil at the 25K miles mark. New seal and a complete service made it good as new. I also put an off road nylon shock protector on it this time. Should extend the live of that seal.


I had it serviced in Tucson at Serrano's Motor Sports.



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