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Marty left Belgium (+ pics)


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Marty left our house this morning to meet françois in Holland. As soon as he takes out his bike, despite the weather forecast, it doesn't rain here anymore... ..funny. We had a nice time together, he's a charming person with a great sence of humour...even my 2 cats loved him grin.gif I escorted him to the highway to Antwerp and gave him a big goodbye hug. He's my oldest friend now smile.gif I know he doesn't like the word "old" but he still has the mind of an 18 year old boy...."Bye Marty ! Ride safe ! Enjoy the rest of your trip"


Here are some pics :


parked his bike next to mine in my garage : left is my oldest son Bram, then Marty and right my wife Caroline






Very unusual to see an Oregon license plate overhere





Marty & Caroline in Bruges




seems like I couldn't get my eyes off his electric jacket smirk.gif



Belgian beer & red wine on a terras in Bruges (we left the bikes at home ! grin.gif)



The only thing missing was the sun




the next day we went to visit "La coupole" near Saint-Omer. It's a bunker where the germans fired the V1's and V2's towards London & Antwerp. Outside it stayed like it was, inside it's a modern museum... very imposing




In front of my house, ready for take off




Sorry I didn't make more pictures (and I sized them too little)... must have been the cold or the red wine...


I greet you all on the board thumbsup.gif

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So, it is true!!!!! Marty is in Europe. I have heard many stories of his being there, but not much substantiated proof of such a tale.


As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words!!



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Which sticker is the Biker Club sticker that Marty got to safeguard him on his travels?




It couldn't be the ADV sticker could it? dopeslap.gif


Marty, glad you're having a great stay on the other side of the pond thumbsup.gif

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Marty Hill



The two on the right side of my left bag. The real pics will be put up later today. wave.gif


After my special friends who bugged me so much about the pics have had a chance to comment on the first one. eek.gif

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Nice pictures Bart..... good to see 'your place' too..... we'll meet up one of these days too..... perhaps when I come over to buy new tires in Belgium !!??? Your prices beat the heck out the the one my dealer's quotes !!! dopeslap.gifeek.gif

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Come by truck François ! Load it full with tires, you can sell them overthere in Holland smile.gif... hey with a minute.... maybe I should do this ! grin.gif and buy a GS with the profits I made thumbsup.gif

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Excuse me, I'm the one who really needs the money!



LOL... You can always come back here and work as our private butler.. I'll pay you a tire a month ! grin.gif

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