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Warranty "Annual Inspection"


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I want to keep my warranty in force and do not get the "annual inspection." I have an '05 RT12, which I have owned for a year. Last year, I had the 6,000 done in the fall. The little "annual inspection" box was not checked off in my manual. I will have the 12,000 done within a year of the 6,000. Do I have to take it in now for another service visit or is the "annual inspection" only if you do not put enough miles on in a year to have one of the mileage interval services done?

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The annual inspection includes more work than just what occurs during the 6k services:


BMW Annual Inspection

  • Read fault-code memories with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Change engine oil
  • Change gearbox oil (every two years)
  • Visual inspection of the brake pipes, brake hoses and connections
  • Change brake fluid in wheel circuits
  • Change brake fluid in entire Integral ABS control circuit (every two years)
  • Perform bleed test with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Check freedom of movement of throttle cable and checking for kinks and chafing
  • Check tyre pressures and tread depth
  • Check lights and signalling equipment
  • Test engine start suppression
  • Test ride as final inspection and function check
  • Read fault-code memories with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Check battery charge state
  • Confirm BMW Service in on-board documentation

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I think you'll find that the annual inspection is just for motorcycles that don't cover 6000 miles within 12 months.

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Jim VonBaden

There is no absolute requirement that you do the annual inspection, but you do need to accomplish the items that are not shared with the 6K and 12K, depending on how much you ride.


If you do your own, you can easily do all of the items required, keep notes and receipts, and all is well. If, however, you always have the dealer do your maintenance, suck it up and pay the man to have it done!


Jim cool.gif

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