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Opinion needed on bike purchase


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Hi all. Haven't been around much due to health issues but I'm back now. Hope all are healthy and enjoying the riding weather in many parts of the country.

  I've been riding. But unfortunately totaled my beloved 03 rt at over 121,000 miles.

  Need to get another soon.

Opinion on an 06 rt 1200 59k miles

Looks clean. $5000.

Or 09 gs lots of goodies on it. Clean with 43k from a bmw dealer. Serviced. $9500

Not familiar with the quirks of the 06 and 09. 

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks

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10 minutes ago, Skywagon said:

All 3 no luggage?

I’m not sure David, I’ll have to check with my shop managers. ;)  :grin:

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Thanks for input. 

Gs has goodies  , engine bar protectors,  headlight protector, nice side bags, rear rack, skid plate, heated grips,  abs, akropovic exhaust, aux lights, no cruise control


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I'd keep looking.... some sweet deals out there, one of us will find it and put it on the Craigslist thread:18:

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They both look like nice bikes and neither has a lot of miles for a boxer engine and while they might be priced a little high with new inventory low, supply chain issues retarding manufacturing, it's riding season you might have to bite the bullet and pay a little more. If all you're riding is paved roads then the RT might be your best bet, if you think you might ride some dirt, gravel and paved roads the GS is the better bike. I think the GS is one of the most versatile bikes ever built that simply does everything well plus I've always thought it best to buy the newest bike with the lowest miles my budget can afford so I would go with the GS over the RT. There are things you can do with the GS that you can't do with the RT but there's nothing you can do with the RT that you can't do with the GS. If possible check maintenance records a poorly maintained bike no matter how good it might look could be a recipe for disaster and end up being a money pit. Test ride both and see which bike brings the bigger smile to your face, exercise a little patience and be willing to wait for the best deal. Also don't be afraid to shop around, cycle trader is a great resource to see what else is out there and don't be afraid to do a fly and ride for a good deal.

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I'd skip the pre-2007 bikes due to the ABS. That said try to get a little newer. 

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I had an 03rt and the abs died at 115000 miles. Loved it till then, brakes worked fine without abs.. would like an abs unit that doesn't have the earlier problems. Thanks for the advice on 2007 and earlier bikes

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1 hour ago, joeb said:

I had an 03rt and the abs died at 115000 miles. Loved it till then, brakes worked fine without abs.. would like an abs unit that doesn't have the earlier problems. Thanks for the advice on 2007 and earlier bikes

Morning  Joeb


On the later 1200RT's with the I-ABS-gen 2 (non-wizzy) brakes, you aren't totally out of the woods on those either as some of those had sticking brushes on the ABS servo motor. Difficult repair at home but ModuleMaster can repair that problem,  unfortunately you need to remove the ABS unit & send it in to them for the repair. 

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24 minutes ago, joeb said:

Thanks for post.

Question, what year did bmw get away from the abs trouble prone breaks ?

Morning  joeb


No way of really knowing until the newer bikes get lots of miles & some years on them. 

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Hey, there's a beautiful blue '96 R1100RT listed on the BMWMOA Marketplace site with only 27K original miles for around $4.9K or $4.5K can't remember which.  Buy this baby then pull the code plug or cut the code plug jumper and go down the road.:yes:





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Former, 1981 r80rt. Current bikes 2002 r1150rt since 2008, 2014 r1200rt. 


The 1200 is a testament to the evolution of boxers, engine and chassis. Lighter than the 02, when I thrash the 02, it seems crude and unrefined after riding the 1200. I bought the 1200 last fall and got a good enough deal. I am sure glad I bought it. It's easier to ride and more comfortable.  I only have 300 miles on it and haven't thrashed it in the curves....yet. But I know it's going to be great. I hope you find something that works for you.

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