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lee parks school


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i am gonna sign up for the lee parks advanced riding course. it is a one day course.HAS anyone out there taken it? a little feedback would be appreciated. thaNKS

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I have no personal experience, but I've heard nothing but good about it. I'd do it myself if it was closer. Go for it! smile.gif

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Yes, I just took one based out of Dutchess County Community College.




I enjoyed it a great deal. 90% of it is turning...no, 98% of it is turning. (Not the inside-the-box thing). It's relatively low speed practice, but it's meant for on-the road use, at road speeds, not the parking lot sort of fine turning and balance.


I felt it was well worth my $300 fee. (my background: riding ~20 years, 6+ bikes, roughly 50,000 miles or so, no formal motorcycle training)

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I took the Lee Parks school last fall in Fredrick, MD. My riding experience is similar to Woodie's in that I have about 30 years riding experience with countless miles but no formal training except for reading most of the better known riding texts (Lee Parks, Keith Code, David Hough, Reg Pridmore, etc.)

I think the one day Lee Parks class was a good investment. You can read all you want, but having someone who knows his stuff actually show you the correct way to do something and then watch you do it is invaluable. For years I have been using weight transfer and hanging off in cornering but was never really sure if I was doing it correctly, turns out I was pretty good but I still made some real improvements to my technique thanks to Lee's instructor Tracy Martin. Also discovered some brake and throttle control techniques that have made me a smoother rider through the corners.

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re: Lee Parks, spoke to someone who took it recently, and they said I could save money by just buying the book and practicing the exercises.

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