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? for those who have ordered from DigiKey


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I was going to order a Panasonic battery to replace the 6 year old one in my RT. I went to do an online order, DigiKey's web site indicated that this battery was on back order and would not ship until 10/18/06!!! For those who have used DigiKey in the past.. is this sort of thing normal and they actually have the part to ship. Or might they truely be backordered that far? eek.gif



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I just bought one of those and the larger one two or three weeks ago. Both were in stock and I had them in 10 days.


I'd call because one day they had 508 of the small battery and the next day they were on backorder. Maybe WestCo called to replenish THEIR supply. smile.gif



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I finally got through to DigiKey, after a bit of researching by a helpful person.. They are indeed backordered 17 weeks!! bncry.gif Guess it is time to try some of the other vendors listed.

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