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GPS ...............


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I just placed an order ................


Having toyed with the idea in the past , but always been reluctant because :


They are expensive


I don't [ generally ] do Technology


I don't have a clue how to fit one to my bike


I can take one look at a map and always find my way there and back


I finally bit the bullet and after discussing it with SWMBO [ to get permission to spend the money , justified it because this unit can be put on the bike and in the car too ] , and Andy [ he has one and says it is a bargain ] who has told me he will show me how it works and help fit it for me .


I' m getting one of these

................ http://www.gpsw.co.uk/details/prod3167.html


Not the latest on the market , or the fastest etc , but it is fully waterproof , with the latest updated map of Europe , and a motorcycle mount included in the price of £150.00 - [ normally nearer £600.00 ] , it 's good enough for me .


Watch this space for a report including photos , once I get my grubby hands on the beasty [ available at the start of next month ] and have it fitted [ Ask Andy - if I offer to help fit it , I'll just get in the way and First Aid will have to be administered to me !! ]



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DOH!! Please tell me shipping to the US would be $500 so I don't feel so bad. I agree with Andy, that's a great deal. I just ordered a new gps after going back and forth but, had I seen this I'd have tried to get one myself. By the way Steve, I don't know how you can be THAT technically challenged judging by the outstanding digital photography you post here. Have fun with the gps. thumbsup.gif

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I profess to understanding how to press the button on the camera to take the photo [ plus , Andy pointed out to me that I should have the setting on Automatic so the camera decides which is best suited to each particular photo ], but not how to manipulate the actual photo in any way , either on the camera or on the computer [ I prefer to show the photos as I originally took them ] ........... and I only know how to upload the photos because I got the I.T. Manager at work to show me [ he also helped me out on the Photo story thing too !! ]


It 's all I can do just to spell Technology .



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I just picked up a new SPIII, deluxe package, a week ago from an eBay vendor that had about six or so for sale. Most of the winning bids were about $250 +/-. It arrived and is a blast to use. A discontinued model, yes, but for someone who just got a digital camera three months ago, it's more than enough state-of-the-art for me.

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I picked one of these up from Ebay about a year ago under the disguise of a BMW Navigator I (Same thing, different graphics on the case)


I think it's a great unit...yeah there are newer, faster units but this one gets me from A to B everytime and at the end of the day, thats all you really need from a GPS. I've been seriously tempted at getting one of these too as the cost of buying the upgrade to the maps and some of the other bits it comes with would add upto more.


Once you have it installed, I reckon you'll love it.

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Nice one there Steve, well you have been on about getting one for a while now, and like you say it will do the car and bike. So the expense is justified grin.gifgrin.gif


Sounds like Andy or I, will have to send you all the Round Britain Rally checkpoints, so you'll have "Somewhere to go" (Tongue in cheek)

When Jeanettes on the bike, you will have TWO women telling you where to go grin.gifgrin.gif

May be off to Wales this Sunday, slight Hi-Jack grin.gifgrin.gif

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I expect I'll be calling you " for some assistance and guidance " re the fitting of this device once I get it wink.gifwink.gif


On the hijack front .............. I'm coming along too , but not sure where I'll meet up with you yet .

Rest assured though ............I WILL BE BRINGING THE CAMERA grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif



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