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Securing Bags to the TOP of the Rear Box


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I have standard BMW top box on my 04 R1150RT. I need to find a way to mount a couple of bags with Thermarests, sleeping bags and a tent to the top of the box (I already ordered bags, Helen 2 Wheels) I'm traveling with the passenger so mounting them on the back seat is not an option. I also need all the room I can get so removing the top box is no no. THe problem is the top of the box is not flat and there is nothing to secure the bags to. What are my options? Has anyone fabricated some kind of rack that mounts on top of the top box? Any input is greatly appreciated. Regards,



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What you need are Bungee Buddies. In these pictures, my top trunk is more level than a BMW trunk, but the application is the same and your pads should conform to the curve of the box.


You should first pack everything up and then see if you have any items blocking your mirrors. I didn't have any problems with stuff on top of the case, but I do if items on the seat extend beyond the seat. It's good to make sure before you hit the road.




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There is a top box rack available from your dealer for an LT that can be adapted to your top box. Givi also makes one for their cases that might work as well. Don't forget to use fender washers to secure the racks from the underside. They will help spread the load over a larger area of the plastic.


Speaking of load, you really want to keep anything you put up there really light and, as much as possible out of the wind. Please do not be tempted by using a cargo net or plain bungees to secure. Order the strapping system from H2W, you won't regret it. You can also get some straps with various buckle arrangements at a camping store. The ones I use have cam lock fasteners which make it really simple to adjust after the load compresses a bit, which it inevitiably will.


With two 40 liter side cases and a 46 liter top box, the only thing I put on my top box rack is my sock monkey, but then again, my idea of roughing it is a hotel without high speed internet access in the room.

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. . . my idea of roughing it is a hotel without high speed internet access in the room.


Ah a kindred traveller. To me there's nothing like the soft, florescent glow of "Vacancy" at the end of the day. thumbsup.gif


I'll have to check out the LT rack for the RT as I've been thinking about this as a possible location for rain gear when we're 2 up. Thanks for the tip.

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I spoke to the people at BMR and they said they were developing a top box rack for the 1200RT. They already do one for the 1150RT




However, now I know Bungee Buddys exist, it's by far the cheaper option and looks up to the task.





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Jerry Johnston

Dennis, I have the same setup as Steve and also use the BB's for holding my helemt with a gun lock. I add a small piece of rubber to keep jackets etc. from scratching the top of the trunk. You can get Bungy buddies dirt cheap at a wrecking yard as every roof rack earlier than 00 has several on them. I paid $.50 ea for mine. The rack that Ed suggested is the best looking and I would have it except for cost.

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Ed, I like your style!


If you already have the BMW topbox, get their rack, it'll probably be the most expensive, but will fit properly.


I had the standard BMW luggage on my K100 when I bought her, but rapidly changed that to the Givi set-up I had from my previous bike. Really liked the idea of a rack though, so took the rack that was on the BMW top-box and just fitted it to the Givi E52 box. 5 min job, bolted straight on after drilling a couple of holes and I put a aome rubber washers on the outside to ensure it stayed waterproof and some large ones inside to spread the load. Hardest thing to do was take a drill to £200UK to that box...


18 months later and it's still going great. Very useful to have too!






Possibly overkill, but I use a couple of ratchet straps to hold things on.



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Thank you very much for great replies! Now I have more than one option..... Ride safe!



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