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Noise-detecting cameras that fine loud motorcycles to roll-out across France 


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If they set that up near my house, on the main road, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.   Mostly, tuner cars that love to back-fire.  My RT and C are quiet.   :whistle:


Of course, the county passed an ordinance with similar sentiment,  but I doubt it gets enforced (obviously.)

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Looks like a budding new aftermarket potential, a blast diverter or blast forwarder for motorcycle exhaust. Why quiet them when you can just focus YOUR noise to appear as someone else's noise. 


Now to the new problem?  How can I make my electric vehicle louder & more offensive? Might be some market potential with this also. With all that on-board battery power maybe we can get enough low frequency at enough amplitude to cause earthquakes. 

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