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Using BMW Connected app data as overlay in videos


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In the app on my iphone there is gps + telemetry info shown (speed, rpm, lean angle, etc).  I can export the gpx file into Google Earth for example, but is there a way to access the telemetry?


Goal would be to be able to overlay some or all of this info onto video taken of a trip.  I'm quite impressed with the capabilities of the Insta360 One X2 for trips and would like to be able to have overlays showing where we were exactly as well as some of the telemetry info.


Anyone succeeded in doing something like this?

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Found this: https://goprotelemetryextractor.com/ 


However, the gpx export from the Connected app only contains latitude, longitude, elevation and a time stamp; no rpm, lean angle, gear, etc.  The telemetry overlay app imported this file fine and can interpolate to calculate speed, but it's not so precise and I was hoping for more...


Tried to attach screen cap of first try using trial version of software but the upload failed.

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