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BMW Top Case Lubrication


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My 2012 RT top case (the OEM one) lock seemed to stick recently.  The lock would push in with no resistance on the "unlock" position. I eventually jiggled it around enough to get it to open and it has been operating normally since.

Looking at a parts catalog, I see that the locking mechanism has a cable and a sliding tang.  I'm guessing that the cable hung in the open position and by jiggling things around I got it to pop back in place.

 I was unable to find anything on this forum or online about how to service it  I'm not really sure how to get to it but it looks as though the inside of the case can be taken out with several screws to get to it.

Anyone here have any advice on how to clean and lubricate the locking mechanism?

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Looking at the microfiche on BobsBMW.com the locking mechanism can be purchased separately, so I am assuming it can be removed. Hopefully it is retained using screws and not pop rivets. if it can be removed, I would do that and then using brake clean (or soap and water) spray the mechanism of blow it dry and then use either a silicone lubricant in the locking mechanism and the other end which appears to be a plastic locking pin. 

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Yes you can disassemble the top case. I have done so on a few occasions. Both large and small ones. Word of caution though. Pay attention to every detail when you begin to disassemble it. Take pictures. I lubed every moving part related to the lock assembly except the lock cylinder with white lithium grease. It's time consuming the first time you do it. It can be challenging getting it all back together again. 

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