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Shad Terra Luggage Review


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Shad Terra Luggage Review intro

Aluminum panniers are indisputably a classic for adventure riders even if they aren’t the first choice for everyone. Shad recently jumped in with their all-aluminum Terra lineup of luggage with accompanying mounting systems.

Before getting too excited about new luggage, proper mounting hardware must be considered. Shad’s 4P System Mount is rock-solid 20mm stainless tubing with rugged powder coating. Installation was fairly straightforward on my Triumph Tiger 800 with just a little interpretation needed. Once everything was tightened down, the rack felt just as solid as the subframe it’s bolted to. On the left side the rack tucks up closer to the bike than the right to allow for a larger case, a nice touch over other systems that equalize the width across the back of the bike, given the extra space required for exhaust allowance.

Shad Terra Luggage 1

Things got a little more complicated for the top case, both a mounting plate and a mount master were required, but Shad has detailed “How to Order” guides on their website to make sure you get everything you need the first time around.

Build quality of the Terra cases is a good balance between ruggedness and weight. Main construction and hinges are of aluminum and stainless steel. Since I received my panniers, they’ve released a new Black Edition with a sharp-looking matte powder coat. And a handy design feature is the all-in-one latching mechanism with integrated carrying handle. It neatly folds in when mounted and locked for security, but makes carrying the cases off the bike a cinch.

Shad Terra Luggage Latch

Along with the cases, Shad sells inner bags perfectly sized for the panniers and top box. The bags are sewn from solid materials and finished just as well as any standalone luggage I’m familiar with. If you ride with a pillion, a backrest for the top case is also available, but requires drilling two small holes to mount.

Shad Terra Luggage Backrest

Using the Terra cases on trips and around town has proven quite practical. Both the TR47 side case and TR48 top box are capable of holding any size helmet or an immense amount of whatever else you might need to carry. Inside the cases are inner trays and nets to ensure your stuff doesn’t fall out when opened. On trips I’ve enjoyed using the inner bags as well, as it’s handy having everything you’ve packing stowed in them, and then being able to slide them straight into the cases and leave without repacking.

Shad Terra Luggage Inside

One small niggle is that a key is required to open and close the boxes. It would be far more convenient if a key was only needed to lock them if necessary.

If you happen to have extra items that won’t fit into the cases, the top box has additional lashing points to secure such items. However, there aren’t any on the panniers even though that’s not yet been a concern thanks to the extra volume the top case makes available.

Weather protection has been fantastic as well; the seals on the cases keep the rain and dust out. In addition, the simple and efficient design of the latching and mounting system is extra resistant to dust and grime.

Shad Terra Luggage waterproof

The Shad Terra system is smartly designed and well-polished for usability and weather protection. The top case is wonderfully convenient for everyday use, and the inner bags are time savers that make packing more convenient.


MSRP: (Available in silver or black finishes):Top Cases $382.99–$433.99 | Top Plate $18.99–$172.99 | Top Master $29.99–$229.99 | Side Cases $358.99–$451.99 ea. | Side Racks $203.99–$284.99 | Inner Bags $67.99 each | Backrest $86.99 | System as tested $2,082.90

Where to Buy:  Revzilla btn


  • Waterproof
  • Thoughtful design keeps all your gear from falling out
  • Offset racks to maximize volume


  • Unable to latch shut without locking
  • No tie-down points on top of side cases
  • Number of parts to order can be confusing

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