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SECFF January Lunch 1/8/2022


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Since I had to cancel my End of Year ride, I figured it is time to announce the next SECFF lunch.

No need to waste a planned route. :bike:

The plan is try out a new place and meet on Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 11:30 AM local time at:

Brown's Seafood

Rogers Plaza Shopping Center, 238 E Washington Ave, Ashburn, GA 31714

I hope some of you can join me for lunch.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Bump! Bump!

Only a few more days till the January SECFF Lunch in Ashburn, GA.

The weather forecast is favorable, a little cooler, but hopefully dry.

@sgroover has said he will try drag a small group from east GA to join us for lunch.

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Had a good ride, good lunch, and good company.   A little chilly starting out at 29°F, finally reaching 55°F.  


My fish sammich and sweet potato fries!




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The food was really good, the company august, and it turned into a beautiful day for riding. 


It also turned into a good "warm up" for Cedar Key in a couple of weeks.


THANK YOU, Bernie!!






Looks like these guys would rather text than eat.




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Nice turnout, hope to see you guys and some more in Cedar Key  in two weeks.
A great lunch spot, quick service, good portions and fresh food. As you could see on some of the pictures, I am not that good with the multitasking. Trying to learn how to text and eat at the same time. :4315:

I found some new roads for future use and had my first real cold ride of the winter season. Low of 32 and high of 74. 9A61D5FD-9BF5-442A-B7B0-C2927E056C92.thumb.jpeg.c7f57a0db52b4471272debb3d928f053.jpegDCDE4B32-EE69-40F8-9E3B-2A9E5703EFC4.thumb.jpeg.c861b0cf3ee0db963ab402d20f98e924.jpeg

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It is always a pleasure meeting and eating with you guys.  Thanks for scheduling these rides Bernie.  Although I will not be able to make the Cedar Key lunch, hope to see you in February.  

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