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Dirt Motorcycles and Bikinis!


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I may be ready to join you in a few years.  Maybe  we can start a thread for that and can make it an annual event.  Until then, ART gatherings and a few other places to spend time off  are limited to vacation days available at work.  Sorry for the foul language.  :grin:

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Ive been there a few times  Mostly for work but once for a 10 day vacation.  Beautiful country.  Coffee fields are something to see growing on the side of mountains.  You can stand on the top of a mountain and see the Pacific and the Atlantic.  What you see that looks like dirty water is because they have black sand.  The water is crystal clear.  The literacy rate is among the highest there is.  Go if you get the chance...beaches, mountains, rainforests, fruit plantations for miles, and be sure to enjoy the food and Brit Coffee.

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